Review of “The Gatekeeper” by a U.S. reader

 5.0 out of 5 stars The Gatekeeper, 14 Jan 2011


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This review is from: The Gatekeeper (Paperback)

It’s been said that the hallmark of a successful book is its’ ability to elicit emotion from the reader; either happiness or anger, hatred or love, pity or loathing, or a myriad of other emotions. The Gatekeeper is such a book. From the moment we meet Desiree, the shape-shifting seductress, we are pulled between compassion for the girl she was and open loathing and secret fascination with what she has become. Desiree is responsible for the destruction of many lives. Joshua, the Youth Center Director, decides to confront her. Armed only with prayer, he fails to heed the warnings and meets with her alone.

The Gatekeeper is well researched, well written and believable – a tough task when talking about demon possession and shape shifting and the dialogue is well executed. The author handles the issue of child abuse and victimization with compassion and understanding without becoming maudlin.

Interestingly, the website for this book, [], includes a professional and well-executed book trailer. As the trailer says, “before there is a movie – there was a book.” I love the book and am eagerly waiting for the movie.

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